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Who are we?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Duje and Tomislav, two lifelong friends, are the driving force behind Semper Cons. Highly educated, professional, experienced and obsessed with Dalmatia and Adriatic, we strive to provide our guests a memorable experience and develop trust lasting relationships with our partners.

Naše iskustvo i detaljna analiza tržišta pokazali su da postoji mnoštvo neiskorištenih prilika i potakli nas na prve korake. Individualan pristup svakom partneru i gostu omogućava nam detaljan uvid u Vaše želje i potrebe.

Nudimo kompletnu brigu o Vašem objektu i gostima te apsolutnu transparentnost poslovanja. Strast i profesionalnost su naš recept i ono čime se ponosimo.

In 2023 our team grew by 2 members, Zrinka and Anita.
Zrinka is a young and ambitious individual who started working for Semper Cons in May 2023. She moved to Split at the age of 19, determined to embark on her journey towards realizing her dreams. Currently studying law, she has developed a deep love for Split and its football club, Hajduk. With each passing day, Zrinka demonstrates her dedication and passion for her work and the city she has chosen to call home.
Anita is a bright addition to Semper Cons, having joined the team in June 2023. Hailing from Montenegro, she moved to Split at the age of 22, driven by her ambition to pursue a career at Semper Cons while studying law. Despite being new to the city, Anita is already making strides in her role, showcasing her determination and eagerness to succeed. Her journey at Semper Cons is just beginning, but her dedication and passion are sure to lead her to great accomplishments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience with Semper Cons for our four-apartment property has been exceptional. Their proficiency in handling bookings and ensuring guest satisfaction has truly impressed us. The professionalism and commitment of their team reflects on guest, who always leave great reviews and get back home with smile on their face. Semper Cons is highly recommended for property owners seeking an effective collaboration!

Semper Cons has proven to be an exceptional partner in property management. Their professionalism and dedication exceed expectations. Meticulous guest selection, regular maintenance, and swift issue resolution showcase their commitment. In guest communication, Semper Cons demonstrates commendable professionalism and responsiveness. In summary, Semper Cons is a reliable and proficient management agency, guaranteeing success and satisfaction. The prospect of ongoing collaboration with Semper Cons is met with anticipation, as their commitment to excellence leaves a lasting positive impression.

Let our team handle reservations and occupancy while you smile at your profits.

You have questions? Need assistance? Semper Cons team is here to reassure and support you. We are available 24/7 online and via phone. Relax and enjoy, same as your guests will.

Allow us to take care of arrivals and departures. Don't waste your time thinking if the guests left or when are they arriving. Semper Cons team provides a warm welcome and a happy sendoff to each guest!

With support from our partners, Semper Cons ensures apartments are cleaned and bed sheets and towels freshly replaced between each reservation.

Semper Cons team resolves any problems or issues promptly. In case of bigger damage or issue our partners are contacted before acting to ensure they agree with proposed solutions.

We take responsibility of entering all guest info into e-Visitor system.

We take complete responsibility for keeping track of guests, invoicing, payment of provisions and taxes  and all other things you really have no time for!

Let us do the presentation! With professional photographers we will make sure that your property is presented in the best possible way, and impress potential guests at a glance!

Our professional team will care about all legal regulations, directives and changes so you can be at peace knowing that your property is in safe hands.

Semper Cons team is fully at service to your guests, providing them unforgettable experience and adding extra value to your property!



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